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With his noble writing skills and incomparable passion for excellence, Orlando Figes can be considered as one of the best European writers of today. He has authored and published a number of critically researched and clearly written books that were mostly focused on the Russian history. Most of these did great sales in bookstores all over the world. Some of his works also received awards and distinctions from prestigious award-giving organizations. Also, many of his books are now being used by history students in several prominent universities in Europe.

Among the most notable books of Orlando Figes is his second authored book, “A People’s Tragedy: The Russian Revolution (1891-1924)”. This book comprises a total of 923 pages, featuring striking history of the Russian Revolution beginning on the famine in 1891 and up to Lenin’s death in 1924. Book critics remarked that this exceptional book integrates social and political history. It was also classified as a book that intertwines historical accounts and personal stories of several evocative figures such as Maxim Gorky, through the public narrative. Figes also stated that he tried to present in this book the revolution as a human experience of complex individual tragedies rather than a tramp of abstract ideologies and social forces.

Figes wrote the said book in 1993, the time when his twin daughters Lydia and Alice were born. After a couple of years of extensive research and writing, he was able to finish the book and published it in 1996. Since its release, the book has achieved nothing but positive remarks from famous historians and book critics. These remarks can be attributed to Figes’ unique writing ability in explaining his utmost insights, along with the reliable facts he searched, in the most understandable way. In 1997, the book successfully dominated a number of literary and history awards events. Included to the awards garnered Figes for this book were the Wolfson History Prize, the WH Smith Literary Award, the NCR Book Award, the Longman-History Today Book Prize, and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

Currently, Orlando Figes is about to complete his newest book, which is mainly about the true love story of Stalin during the Russian Revolution era. He has studied the uncensored letters that were smuggled in and out of one of the most tarnished labor camps of Stalin. Adding to his references for this book are the archives of the said labor camp. This book is expected to be released by 2013.



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